👋Welcome to Scriptables

Scriptables is an open source orchestration tool, that takes away the pain of setting up and managing production servers. You are now able to build servers, deploy code from GIT, manage your firewall, set up CRONS, and more in just a few minutes - all while using a friendly web interface.

Who is this project for?

I am a senior back-end engineer who, from time to time, has had to spin up servers for my apps: some being throwaway servers, some being worker nodes, and some just regular LEMP servers.

One of the most painful and annoying things as a developer is to configure SSH, Nginx, MySQL, Redis, and so forth. It's monotonous and I much rather be focusing on writing code.

Which is why I built Scriptables. It's the tech version of a Swiss army knife, enabling me to spin up servers quickly without all the manual configuration work.

Scriptables is ideal for freelancers, solo developers, or even inexperienced developers who are afraid of setting up and managing their servers.

What can Scriptables do?

Currently, Scriptables can do the following:

  • Setup Ubuntu servers. Versions 20.04, and 22.04 are the main supported versions, however, other versions could also work just fine.

  • SSH hardening: Applies a series of common SSH security-enhancing techniques such as disabling root access, turning off password logins, changing the default SSH port, setting up your firewall, and more.

  • A GUI for crons: This makes it super simple to set up cron jobs by allowing you to visually configure the cron schedule instead of messing around with the "*****" syntax.

  • Manage your firewall: Easily add allow/deny rules without having to know iptables or UFW.

  • Build common server types: Such as Nginx, MySQL, Redis, LEMP, etc.

  • Deploy Laravel apps: full support for continuous integration. Scriptables can set up PHP-FPM, and check out your project on the server. Whenever you push to GIT, your branch can be automatically deployed to production.

  • App isolation: Scriptables will set up a none SSH system user for each app you deploy, including deploy keys thereby improving security.

Which hosting providers are supported?

Any provider should work fine. We recommend Digital Ocean or Hetzner Cloud.

Scriptables uses regular SSH to connect and build your server. No API keys or API setup is needed. We do however plan to support building servers via APIs such as Digital Ocean's rest API soon.

For LEMP or MySQL servers, please use a server with at least 1GB RAM. MySQL setup tends to break with low-end servers.

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